ELIXIR - Protection Shield

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Mist for Protection

Especially crafted for empaths that are more sensitive to energies/frequencies. Elixir is crafted with powerful symbols to guard your auric field and your chakras.  Just a few sprays on top of your crown will shield you from bad energies.


Elixir Mist by Mystic Attars is made with jasmine and orange a RawEssences essential oils.


Jasmine is uplifting and it brings a sense of wellness and easiness. Orange is a mood enhancer, promotes a positive attitude and boost immune system.


Great for hair and body.



Distillated water, organic rosa damascene (rose) hydrosol,  leuconstoc (radish root ferment), cocos nucifera (coconut oil), jasminum (jasmine), citrus sinensis (orange).


Instructions: shake before use. This is a natural product and has particles of coconut and oranges, you may see traces of the botanical elements, textures and colors.



Elixir is a mystic blend  especially crafted with ritualistic, symbolic blessings, consecrating magical tools to heal, balance and connect your psychic abilities to purpose. It draws forth equilibrium, healing and success in all endeavors. Use this special blend to purify your home, altar and space. You