With more than 25 years of experience in mental, emotional, and spiritual awakening, healing, and transformation, my passion is to assist those ready for deep healing to find their way back to health and balance. I have always been fascinated by people’s behaviors and use my wisdom, compassion, and intuition to guide my clients to wellness.
I draw on my professional skills and personal experiences of pain and transformation to help empower my clients to draw on their innate healing abilities. I assist my clients in growing and learning the necessary skills to make the changes they seek to improve their lives in a safe and nurturing environment.
I have four grown-up children and a granddaughter, and I am aware of the pressure and joy of combining work, parenting, and relationships daily. However, understanding our emotional needs and recognizing our mental patterns can allow us to change at a deep level, allowing new behaviors to be embraced and, therefore, achieve positive results. I will support you and inspire you to grow and accomplish your goals.
I aim to provide you with all the elements to create and manifest the best life for you and your loved ones.


I am a professional Life Coach who understands the hardships of living the military life: the long nights and sometimes long months alone with the kids and the constant relocation worry; the challenge of trying to find and maintain employment, and the stress of PCS with considerable commitments to have a balanced life. I also understand the struggle that single soldiers experience towards finding the “right partner” to build a family and connect with the civilian world.
My values are kindness, empathy, integrity, loyalty, fairness, openness, self-awareness, personal growth, and lots and lots of patience.
Giving people the benefit of the doubt and second, third, and sometimes many more chances.
My mission is to use the method that worked for me to transform the lives of others who are wearing too many hats and don’t have time or the right tools to do everything themselves.
I will support you and inspire you to grow and accomplish your goals.



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