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About Me

Claudia Zamora


Mental Health & Wellness Coach, Community Outreach Coordinator  & Author

With more than 25 years of experience in mental, emotional, and spiritual awakening, healing, and transformation, my passion is to assist those ready for deep healing to find their way back to health and balance. 
People’s behaviors have always fascinated me, and I use my wisdom, compassion, and intuition to guide my clients to wellness.
I draw on my professional skills and personal experiences of pain and transformation to help empower my clients to draw on their innate healing abilities. I assist my clients in growing and learning the necessary skills to make the changes they seek to improve their lives in a safe and nurturing environment.
I have four grown-up children and a granddaughter, and I am aware of the pressure and joy of combining work, parenting, and relationships daily. However, understanding our emotional needs and recognizing our mental patterns can allow us to change profoundly, allowing new behaviors to be embraced and achieve positive results. 
Consequently, I will support and inspire you to grow and accomplish your goals.
I aim to provide all the elements to create and manifest the best life for you and your loved ones.

Dedicated to guiding individuals on their unique life journeys, I am a Mental Health and Wellness Life Coach with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. My approach to coaching is rooted in compassion and inspiration, drawing from a wealth of academic knowledge to inform my practice.

With expertise in transformative modalities such as Life Coaching Counseling, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Reiki Healing, Emotional Transformation Therapy, and Holographic Tarot Therapy, I offer a comprehensive toolkit to facilitate profound and lasting change.

Having personally navigated the challenges of military life, I intimately understand the complexities and strains it entails. Whether it's enduring long nights alone with children, grappling with the constant worry of frequent relocations, or striving to maintain balance amidst personal and professional commitments during PCS transitions, I empathize deeply with the unique experiences faced by military families. Furthermore, I recognize the struggles of single soldiers as they seek companionship and integration within civilian communities.

Guided by a steadfast commitment to kindness, empathy, integrity, loyalty, fairness, openness, self-awareness, personal growth, and abundant patience, I approach each client interaction with genuine sincerity and unwavering respect. I believe in affording individuals the benefit of the doubt and providing steadfast support, offering multiple pathways to success.

My ultimate mission is to share the transformative methods that have profoundly influenced my own life journey. I am here to walk alongside you, offering unwavering support and inspiration as you navigate life's challenges. With my guidance and the appropriate tools, I am dedicated to helping you unlock your full potential, overcome obstacles, and achieve your goals. Together, we will cultivate a life filled with growth, fulfillment, and enduring success.

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