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Aromatherapy for the SOUL

Essential oils are vital to improve our quality of life and help us harmonize our physical, mental, and spiritual bodies.  

Developed with a symbolic high-frequency infusion, these elixirs amplify joy, expand the heart, and open beautiful plants' luminous frequencies.  

Mystic Attars are ten magical blends specially crafted with ritualistic, symbolic blessings, consecrating magical tools to heal, balance, and connect your psychic abilities to purpose. It draws forth equilibrium, healing, and success in all endeavors. Use these unique anointing blends to purify your home, altar, and space. You can also use it for protection against all forms of attack. Its pure essence will increment your personal power and, more clearly, awaken your psychic abilities. A few drops on your skin will attract positive, vibrant energy flow towards your goal/intention. Wear these unique blends to invoke the powers of the five primordial elementals: water, air, earth, fire, and ether. 


Mystic Attar's benefits:  

⚛ Activate greater awareness: increased psychic, telepathic, empathic, and clairvoyant abilities  

⚛ Improve brain function, memory retention/recall, mental clarity, and improved focus  

⚛ Increased potential demonstration  

⚛ Elevation of subconscious patterns, behaviors, and thoughts  

⚛ Increased awareness and feelings of "connection."  

⚛ Activation of the pineal gland through smell and cell regeneration  

⚛ Rejuvenation of your energy, stamina, and vitality  

⚛ Powerful vivid, and lucid dreams  

⚛ Greater emotional balance  

⚛An extraordinary ability to receive and give love  

⚛ Improved immune system and a greater sense of general well-being 



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